Filming in historic Kyoto

We interviewed Dr. Muneyoshi Togami at the spectacularly scenic Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto. He is a Rinzai Zen priest, scholar of migration studies and Professor Emeritus of Ryukoku University, having taught for 40 years at the private university that was founded in 1639. Amazing history of academic pursuit in the ancient capitol of Japan.

Nanzenji temple is a beautiful Zen temple in the hills of Kyoto, but what made it extra special and the site for our interview and filming is the large brick aqueduct that passes through the temple grounds. Built during the Meiji Period (1868-1912), Katsu Goto’s time period, the aqueduct is part of a canal system that was constructed to carry water and goods between Kyoto and Lake Biwa in neighbouring Shiga Prefecture.

It’s a great example of the Meiji Period: Western technology combining with Japanese ingenuity to create electricity and provide much needed water to a growing population in Kyoto.


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