The modern Hiroshima

Thanks to Akiko Furutani, board member of the Goto of Hiroshima foundation and President of the Hiroshima Interpreters Association, we were able to film B-roll of the thriving, confident, global city of peace and youth that Hiroshima city has become.

We briefly attended the Hiroshima Prefecture High School Baseball Championship tournament with a whopping 90 teams with the winning team advancing to the Japanese National High School Championship tournament in Osaka next month. All want to be the next big baseball star in Japan or join the MLB in the United States! Baseball is a national obsession and passion in Japan and professional team “Hiroshima Carp” is number 1 right now in the rankings, something that hasn’t happened in decades!!

Also attended a “Cultural Festival Day” at Motomachi High School in Hiroshima, a public arts school. Lively presentations in all areas of the arts! Showcasing the incredible talent and expression of the youth in Hiroshima! Responding to a call by Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, sixteen students in a course on Creative Expression at Motomachi High School in Hiroshima are took part in an atomic bombing student perspective project – engaged in interviewing eight hibakusha (atomic bomb survivors), made preliminary sketches and the final products were displayed at the high school. Very emotional, moving and inspirational.


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