A sneak peek of the Katsu Goto movie project via NGN-TV

A preview and behind the scenes look at the making of the documentary film which includes both Japanese and English subtitles.

This special preview aired on the Nippon Golden Network (NGN 1 on Channel 677).

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  1. I was a minister of Hamakua Jodo Mission before, officiated the dedication ceremony of Katsu Goto Monument in Honokaa town. I’ve been interested in Katsu’s story, found this site recently. Did you finish making the Katsu Goto movie? or still working on it? I really like to watch the movie. Pls. let me know when it available or any info. about it. I visited Hamakua Jodo Mission with my family last year and offered our prayer at his grave site and his monument in Honokaa. Hope everything related to your project go well.

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