We will Premiere the film in Hawaii and Japan at public theaters and/or through Film Festivals, such as the Hawaii International Film Festival, that screened the film’s director’s most recent film, SEEDS OF HOPE. The filmmakers will travel with the film to Film Festivals across the globe to reach the widest possible audience.

This film is targeted to reach the widest possible audience, through networks like PBS and NGN (Nippon Golden Network) in Hawaii and distribution to all public television stations in the U.S. and Japan, with the potential to reach 99% of all U.S. households and over 8 million viewers. We will also broadcast the film on international networks and around the world. Nippon Golden Network has agreed to support the film by providing translation and subtitles and airing a 25 minute preview and the final film on cable television – reaching over 240,000 households in Hawaii and airing the film in Japan. (Letter enclosed)

The NGN (Nippon Golden Network) has agreed to help with the film being shown on Hawaiian Airlines as they are the in-flight movie provider for Hawaiian Airlines.

Disc and Digital Streaming
Utilizing all of the elements created for the production, a DVD and online digital streaming version will be produced that will take the viewer further into the production, by including extended versions of interviews and additional content. These versions will be made available to the public through retail outlets and online digital platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and other international media distributors.

An Educational Tool “A gift to future generations”

The disc will also serve as an excellent educational tool as a companion to the website that together will offer students and educators a complete resource to learn more about the issues discussed in the film.

As a gift to future generations, a DVD will be shipped to the over 300 public schools, colleges and universities and 50 public libraries in the state of Hawai`i, reaching over 250,000 students and teachers.

Along with the DVD, educators can go online to the film’s website to create a complete educational resource. Using the DVD and website, teachers, students and learners of all ages can access and use the numerous lesson plans and educational activities that will be featured at on the film’s website. These curriculum materials and the DVD weave together video and online resources with an instructional strategy that builds on the visual and collaborative strengths of these media.